DTIRP: Defense Treaty Inspection Readiness Program
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Readiness Through Awareness

Our Mission: To ensure the continued protection of Department of Defense programs, operations, and activities by providing security preparedness education, assistance, and advice concerning the wide variety of operational activities associated with arms control implementation.

DTIRP Video Script


In the next few minutes I'd like to acquaint you with some of the DTIRP program's many capabilities that could be of assistance to you.

DTIRP was created by the Department of Defense, under the executive agency of DTRA, to help facility personnel and defense contractors successfully host

on-site inspections and other arms control treaty, compliance verification activities.

DoD leadership understands there are many security challenges associated with allowing foreign inspection teams the level of access they need to verify U.S. compliance.

Our obligation to protect national security, proprietary, and other sensitive information is never relinquished.

DTIRP is standing by, ready to provide specially-trained personnel drawn from different government agencies, as needed, to…

Lt Col Timothy Farrell, Defense Threat Reduction Agency: you understand what you are facing from a security perspective, give you that advice and assistance, and get you ready and get your decision-makers ready to understand what your treaty inspection readiness requirements are and what your treaty inspection obligations are and being able to protect your information accordingly.


To prepare your staff in advance of actual inspection activities, DTIRP provides a number of training courses that can be tailored to individual facility's needs.

These courses focus on a variety of arms control security topics and are able to address all aspects of the arms control inspection process.

Modular training courses developed for the Chemical Materials Agency, allow treaty compliance officers to select the training components they require to proactively bring new personnel up to speed.

Conferences, table-top and field-training exercises, help officials evaluate policies and procedures.

DTIRP's educational materials reinforce and augment these services.

The "Arms Control Treaties" CD contains treaty texts, and related documents, in a key-word searchable format.

This automated CD details the 7-step arms control OPSEC process, and is an excellent tool for reinforcing or introducing these concepts.

DTIRP has a wide variety of videos available on arms control security topics, including each aspect of the inspection process-from site preparation to the application of cost-effective security countermeasures.

Pamphlets, pocket guides, and brochures convey practical information on how to prepare your site, and host on-site inspections under various arms control treaties.

This reference guide, for example, contains detailed, full-color, inspection timelines for each type of inspection.

Customized products can also be prepared to meet your specific needs.

Jane Hackemeyer, FBI Liaison to DTRA:

DTIRP is doing a great job. They are doing a fantastic training pamphlet for us that will be able to be distributed not just throughout the FBI, but to other government agencies and to the chemical companies.


All of DTIRP's products are available from the DTIRP Coordinator or from the DTIRP website, where you will find a color photo and short description of each product.

While there, take a look at the Treaty Information Center and CBW Corner, which contain comprehensive treaty information, as well as breaking arms control and threat reduction news.

As you have seen, the DTIRP Program provides products and services to help facilities be prepared for arms control security challenges and to fulfill it's DoD mission of Readiness Through Awareness .

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