DTIRP: Defense Treaty Inspection Readiness Program
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Readiness Through Awareness

Our Mission: To ensure the continued protection of Department of Defense programs, operations, and activities by providing security preparedness education, assistance, and advice concerning the wide variety of operational activities associated with arms control implementation.


DTIRP provides arms control implementation support services to Department of Defense (DoD) and defense contractor facilities subject to on-site inspections and observation overflights. DTIRP services are customized to meet the unique arms control security needs of individual sites and facilities. These services include training, analyses, vulnerability assessments, exercises, and inspection security support. DTIRP also conducts and support seminars and exhibits.

DTIRP provides expert services with a maximum of efficiency and economy by drawing from the arms control and security community throughout DoD and other U.S. government agencies. The ultimate objective of all DTIRP support services is to enable facilities to demonstrate treaty compliance while also protecting national security, proprietary, and other sensitive information from being compromised or inadvertently disclosed during on-site inspection activities and other arms control implementation activities potentially impacting facility operations.

For more information about DTIRP services, click on the links below (or on the left), or contact the DTIRP Outreach Program Coordinator at 1-800-419-2899, or by email at:

  • Training DTIRP provides arms control security training to help Department of Defense and defense-contractor facilities prepare for and host on-site inspection activities conducted by foreign inspection teams for the purpose of verifying compliance with international arms control treaties and agreements.

  • Vulnerability Assessments DTIRP assists facilities with conducting vulnerability assessments to identify, evaluate, and protect potential vulnerabilities during on-site inspection activities or imaging overflights conducted by foreign inspection teams seeking to verify compliance

  • Exercises Mock inspection tabletop and field-training exercises are valuable training tools for inspection planning. These exercises depict actual inspection activities and a number of different "what if" scenarios to help facilities test their inspection plans.

  • Inspection Security Support DTIRP provides arms control inspection security support for sites and facilities subject to on-site inspection activities and observation overflights conducted by foreign inspection team seeking to verify compliance with international arms control treaties and agreements.

  • Seminars and Exhibits DTIRP provides critical arms control security support to seminars and workshops. DTIRP representatives also regularly travel to relevant conferences and set up the DTIRP exhibit booth showcasing DTIRP's products and services.

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