DTIRP: Defense Treaty Inspection Readiness Program
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Readiness Through Awareness

Our Mission: To ensure the continued protection of Department of Defense programs, operations, and activities by providing security preparedness education, assistance, and advice concerning the wide variety of operational activities associated with arms control implementation.


DTIRP is a Department of Defense (DoD) security preparedness and outreach program designed to provide security education and awareness concerning the operational activities associated with arms control implementation. DTIRP uses specially trained personnel, analyses, and educational activities to provide arms control implementation advice and assistance to facilities subject to on-site inspection activities and observation overflights.

Arms control implementation activities can challenge even the most robust security programs. To help facilities meet these challenges, DTIRP's mission is to ensure the continued protection of DoD programs, operations, and activities. DTIRP uses the expertise from established facilities and services within DoD and other U.S. government agencies, whenever practicable, to avoid duplication and to achieve maximum efficiency and economy.

When properly prepared, U.S. facilities can be confident about their ability to demonstrate treaty compliance while also protecting national security, proprietary, and other sensitive information from inadvertent disclosure.

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