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CBW Corner

CBW Corner

Providing a resource for arms control treaty implementers to assist them with keeping
up-to-date on the issues and events critical to understanding and eliminating chemical and biological weapons.

News & Information

This section, updated frequently, provides current news and information of importance to the chem-bio arms control community. News sources are updated frequently from official U.S. Government sources, The Hague, Geneva, NGOs, foreign governments, think-tanks and other news media.

Events Calendar
A calendar of chem-bio events taking place in the United States and abroad, sponsored by both the public and private sectors.

Gist from Geneva
Selected documents and speeches relating to the negotiations occurring at the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva, Switzerland and pertaining to the BWC. This section also features synopses (updated periodically) of international efforts to strengthen the BWC.

Hello from The Hague
Selected speeches, documents, decisions, publications and press releases pertaining to implementation of the CWC from the Technical Secretariat of the OPCW located in The Hague, Netherlands. This section also highlights synopses (updated periodically) of notable OPCW-sponsored activities.

Non-U.S. Government Sources
Features news, articles, think-pieces and documents of relevance to the CWC or the BWC produced by non-U.S. Government sources, which include foreign government statements, news media, academic institutions, non-profit organizations and other institutions.

Recent Publications
Recent Publications, updated quarterly, is a bibliography of CBW-related articles covering a broad range of topics, including nonproliferation, arms control, treaty implementation, counterproliferation, disarmament and the like.

U.S. Government Sources
Reports by Congress and federal agencies; transcripts of debates, hearings and testimonies before Congress; speeches and public statements by government officials; official press releases; and other Government publications-all focusing on chem-bio issues.

News Archive
Archive of all CBW Corner news products, arranged in calendar format for easy browsing.

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