DTIRP: Defense Treaty Inspection Readiness Program
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CBW Corner

CBW Corner

Providing a resource for arms control treaty implementers to assist them with keeping
up-to-date on the issues and events critical to understanding and eliminating chemical and biological weapons.


The links included in this section are provided as a service to CBW Corner site visitors to help them stay abreast of subjects in the fields of chemical and biological treaty implementation. Of necessity, these links cover a broader spectrum of subjects than arms control implementation, which is the focus of the CBW Corner.

Federal Agencies & Programs
The links on this page are to U.S. federal agencies and programs with responsibility for CBW non- or counterproliferation, policy, incident management, defense and detection technologies, terrorism, or treaty implementation.

International Organizations
The links on this page are to international and multilateral organizations promoting the control, disarmament, elimination, and/or destruction of CBW.

These links navigate to online journals containing articles written by academicians and policy makers covering a broad range of arms control, non- and counterproliferation, disarmament, demilitarization, policy, and treaty implementation and verification issues.

Think Tanks & NGOs
These links are to think tanks and NGOs that study, research, and provide policy recommendations on chemical and biological arms control, disarmament, non- and counterproliferation, defense, and terrorism issues.

U.S. Military
The links on this page are to U.S. military websites addressing CBW policy, defense, and treaty implementation from the perspective of the U.S. Department of Defense and DoD Components.

U.S. CW Destruction Sites
These links are to U.S. CW destruction and demilitarization sites.

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